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Shamanic healing with Joe Molloy

Just for today ~ I will not worry,

Just for today ~ I will not be angry,

Just for today ~ I will honour every living thing,

Just for today ~ I will earn my living honestly,

Just for today ~ I will live an attitude of gratitude and show kindness to all things.

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Welcome and thank you for visiting here. I have created this space to give some information and guidance about the work that I offer. I have been working with Reiki since 1994 and teaching yoga since 1996. I also offer shamanic healing and shamanic soul retrieval in the traditions of the Inca and Qero indians. I would be pleased to discuss my background and training as well as my beliefs and approach in more detail should you wish, either when we meet or by phone/email.To give you some feeling of the way I work I have given the following as an introduction.

In my Reiki practice I follow both the Usui and Tibetan traditions and there are also Shamanic elements to my work which I employ as I am guided to do so. In addition also to employing my experience of yoga as both a practitioner and teacher I often also use different crystals and precious/semi precious stones in my energetic healing work.

I work consciously with elemental energies, angelic energies and ascended masters as is appropriate and depending on what you as my client are open to. When working to assist with transformation and change I will often invoke the assistance of the Violet Flame which I find to be the most powerful and supportive agent of change and transformation accessible to human kind at this time.

I work from my home and also a number of therapy and healing centres. You can also find me at some of the festivals through the year where I am also available to give one to one healing and lead talks and workshops.


Currently I work from my home in Blakedown, near Kidderminster.

Please also contact me if you would like to arrange an appointment for healing with me, or are interested in Reiki attunments and learning to practice Reiki. In some cases it is also possible for me to travel to you for a face to face session.


I also offer distance healing. Please have a look at the distance healing page for details. If you have a need for yourself, a family member, friend or pet, please let me know.

You can contact me by phone or email, whichever feels best for you. Please see contacts page for details.

With much love


Joe Molloy yep this is me

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Joe Molloy
Reiki Kanje

Reiki Master & Teacher

Usui and Tibetan traditions

“Look at every path closely and deliberately, then ask ourselves this crucial question: Does this path have a heart? If it does, then the path is good. If it doesn't, it is of no use.” ~ Carlos Castaneda


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