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Shamanic healing with Joe Molloy

Just for today ~ I will not worry,

Just for today ~ I will not be angry,

Just for today ~ I will honour every living thing,

Just for today ~ I will earn my living honestly,

Just for today ~ I will live an attitude of gratitude and show kindness to all things.

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Learning to “give” Reiki is not difficult, but like all things, if you wish to be good, then it takes time. The traditions around the teaching and practice of Reiki have changed over the years, see the “Reiki History” page, but the principles remain the same.

Many people are in fact “Natural Healers.” In this case Reiki attunements add an extra dimension to what you may already be doing.

From the moment you receive your first Reiju empowerment you will be able to “give” Reiki to yourself and others, including animals and plants.


Of course, different teachers teach in different ways. But this need not be confusing, it is simply a matter of personality and also the way each of us was taught. The history of Reiki shows us that traditionally Reiki was taught in person. Dr Usui taught with his students beside him every day, like any apprentiship, and over many years the students learnt their craft.

Today, with our predisposition to want things sooner and with lifestyles that are more far reaching because of access to faster, longer distance travel and the availability of telephone and internet, we see Reiki being taught in different ways.


What is very clear, however we are taught, is that no matter how many attunements one has or in what space of time, Reiki has it’s own natural and organic process. It takes time for the Reiju attunements that create empowerment for channelling Reiki to settle. It takes time to develop sensitivity to the subtle energies that we channel when “giving” Reiki to others. No number of certificates make anyone a good practitioner. This comes with time and practice.

“Listen to your hands” and “Practice, practice, practice.”

Some teachers make Reiki accessible by sending the Reiju attunements to the recipient over great distance, in a similar way to the way that distance healing works. Then they send the teaching materials by email or post. This does make Reiki as a practice accessible to those who cannot find a teacher locally, or who cannot travel. However, having had the opportunity to compare my own experiences of receiving attunements and teaching over a distance, to that which I have received in person, I can see there are differences. There is no doubt that distance attunements work. However many of the subtle adjustments that can be felt when passing attunements in person do not occur as there is often less sensitivity. It is also often more difficult to follow up with the teacher when there are practical questions.


Having a teacher that you can meet in person allows for much greater support and instruction and also for ongoing person to person treatments that are good for general health and wellbeing but also help the empowerment attunements to settle.

It is my preference to teach Reiki over a weekend and in person. Currently I work either from home or from one of a number of lovely locations with options for accommodation either at the centre where available or nearby in B&B if you prefer not to travel each day. The weekend comprises time spent talking and sharing as well as my teaching. But mostly the time is spent in practice. The attunements are passed over several opportunities over the whole weekend. The routine for each teaching weekend for each Reiki level is similar. Shared lunch and also some time outside walking fit in well too.

If you have no previous experience of Reiki, just a curiosity to practice and know more then I recommend a few treatments first so that you can have some experience of the energies.


In practicing Reiki there are several levels of attunement. When beginning one first receives attunement and teaching to the level of Reiki I. For many this is sufficient for them and they are not inclined to go further into things. However, for those who are so inclined the next step is Reiki II. In addition to further empowering attunements more about the practice of Reiki including some of the Reiki symbols and the practice of “distance healing” is taught. The next levels are those of Reiki Master. This is often divided into two levels with the Masters attunements and some practice being given first and separately from the practice of teaching Reiki and of actually passing the Reiju attunements which is taught as the fourth level.

If you are looking to complete Reiki II or Master/Teacher levels and have not completed your previous attunements with me I may have some suggestions to make and will want to meet to have a chat about what you have been taught to ensure that everything you need to know for your current practice has been covered and any revision you need can be gone over.

In addition to teaching in person I provide comprehensive Reiki manuals for all my students. Copies of these are also available to buy, both as replacements if you have lost or damaged the one you had from me initially and also for students who have not passed their attunements with me, but are seeking further information. However, it is my practice not to provide information about the Reiki symbols and some other information about Reiki unless you have already received the attunements specific to that level. Think of it like this, like the way one rewires a house. Before a greater load can be placed on the electrical circuits of a house one must replace all the old or lower grade wiring and fittings to avoid the circuits being burnt out. A great deal of energy is channelled through the body when “giving” Reiki, so in a similar way we must progress at the proper rate for ourselves. Adding to our practice and our knowledge that which we are ready for as we go along.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss Reiki workshops for learning and progression through the different levels or also for revision and reattunment.

Reiki Kanje