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Shamanic healing with Joe Molloy

Just for today ~ I will not worry,

Just for today ~ I will not be angry,

Just for today ~ I will honour every living thing,

Just for today ~ I will earn my living honestly,

Just for today ~ I will live an attitude of gratitude and show kindness to all things.

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What is “Reiki?”

Reiki” is a natural energy that can be used for healing. When someone receives a “Reiki” treatment the energy is channelled through the hands of the person giving Reiki to the person receiving it. There is no need to remove any clothing as Reiki can pass through this easily. Sometimes the person giving the healing will place their hands on the body of the person receiving, sometimes they will hold their hands a few inches or more in the air above the other persons body.

What does it feel like to receive Reiki?

When receiving Reiki, most people feel a sensation of warmth radiating out from the hands of the person giving the Reiki, even if their hands are not touching the persons body.

What does the word “Reiki” mean?

The word “Reiki” is a Japanese word. It is comprised of two syllables, “Rei” and “Ki.” “Rei,” pronounced “ray” means universal, and “Ki,” pronounced “key” means energy. Reiki was discovered / re ~ discovered in Japan close to the end of the 19th Century by Dr Usui but it does not belong to any one country, language or person.

What uses does Reiki have?

Before looking at some of the uses of Reiki I would like to mention something about healing. Healing is a practice that seeks to bring balance within a being, within a person. It is not always about curing someone, or making them better. As a healing practice Reiki helps to bring balance and to work to help undo the patterns in our lives that may have contributed to creating and maintaining the unhappiness and ill health we experience. Think of the word “disease” and separate it into dis ~ ease. If we think of our health being affected when the body is not at ease, then we begin to see that many factors other than viruses, genetics or bacteria can have powerful effects on our wellbeing.

People close to death have found that while Reiki did not bring them back to life it can be soothing, calming and settling so that they may be at peace.

The most commonly encountered uses of Reiki are in the practice of healing.

Receiving Reiki through a self treatment or from another person is said to engender feelings of health and well being.

Reiki helps to balance Chakras and the physical, emotional, spiritual energy bodies, the Koshas. It is relaxing and calming and can help us find our centre, our sense of who we really are, our authentic self. Reiki helps us to overcome difficult and persistent habits, like smoking. It can help you find energy when you are exhausted, and also put you in mind of resting if in spite of what you think you need to complete, what you need to do is rest. Reiki helps accelerate spiritual development. Reiki also helps with feelings of anxiety and panic. It is also generally useful in relieving any kind of pain. Reiki can be safely used during pregnancy and has a relaxing effect on the unborn baby. I have been told by one mum to be though, that Reiki made her baby more active which was fine except in the later stages of pregnancy when her baby was bigger and sometimes it’s movements could be uncomfortable.

Some people also use Reiki to improve the flavour and keeping properties of food. Some people use it on their car’s and even to create opportunities for parking spaces. If you try this please let me know how you feel it works.

I often “Reiki” water before drinking it or before using it to water plants so that the plants absorb the Reiki through their roots. Most plants and animals appear to benefit from Reiki. My dog loves to be around when I am giving Reiki and becomes much more calm and settled. Each cat I have had has usually got up and walked away if I try giving them Reiki. This may be because they absorb what they need very quickly, but knowing how independent cats can be it may be that they just don’t want to be fussed unless it suits them.

Once you begin to practice Reiki it is your choice how you use it, but it is an energy that can only do good and cannot harm.


This short page cannot say everything about what Reiki is. However I hope that my words may help to light your understanding. There are also many excellent books that are available to read for those with the interest and inclination to discover more and the manuals that I have written for my students go into much greater detail, as of course does the content of each “Reiki” workshop that I offer.

The best way to discover “what Reiki is” is to experience it directly.


I would be delighted to discuss any questions you have, perhaps in person if you come for some treatments or to attend a workshop.


Dr Mikao Usui

Dr Mikao Usui

Reiki Kanje

The Japanese language can depict the word “Reiki” in several ways. This is the way I write it.

Reiki Kanje

"Enlightenment can happen at any time, like a flash of lightening in the dark of the night sky."